Irish Dance for dummies – instructional videos by KSID now available on YouTube

Kilkenny School of Irish Dance have just compiled a series of 8 instructional videos whereby the dancers along with their teacher Sean Kilkenny TCRG will guide you through, step by step, the basics of Irish dancing. The videos are aimed to get you dancing in the comfort and safety of your own home during this present  Corona pandemic and they are designed for both young and old to give you an insight into this lively aspect of Irish culture. These videos were made with the support of the CultuurSchakel (Geld voor je Kunst!)

We encourage you all to give it a try and when you get one or more of the dances under your belt you can send us a video where you will come in with a chance of getting a 6 week block of free lessons in our studio here in The Hague or online if this does not suit. You can forward your videos to chairdeksid@gmail.com before July 15 2021. 

Check out our first instruction video on Chairde KSID Youtube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHmCTPBcxnE&t=19s). More videos to follow. From all at the Kilkenny School of Irish Dance, we wish you all hours of pleasure and fun in attempting to master your first steps. 

“It’s never too late to learn”

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