KLSID dancers love to compete at a Feis.

A Feis is an Irish Dancing competition where all dancers get a chance to compete against other dancers at their level and age. These competitions are officially registered by the Commission of Irish Dancing in Dublin and run in accordance with its rules and regulations. We are a competitive dance school and all dancers are highly encouraged to participate in Feiseanna. It is our experience that dancers improve dramatically through competition.

The Kilkenny Feis is always very popular and has been running since 2003 here in the Netherlands. Dancers travel from all over Europe to compete in one of the four levels. For first time dancers and their parents this can be a stressful experience but within a short while dancers grow to enjoy the challenge and the fun of participating. 

Every two years dancers must sit Grade Level Examinations. This is a very different challenge to competition as the dancer will perform in front of a CLRG examiner and  will be tested on timing, carriage and overall execution. All dancers get Certificates and comment sheets and once all 12 Grades are completed dancers will be awarded a Diploma in Irish Dance. This is a basic requirement for becoming certified as a teacher, TCRG with An Commission. 

Being a competitive school many of our dancers travel Worldwide to compete at Major competitions including, North American Nationals, All Scotland Championships, Great Britains and of course the All Ireland Championships. 

Throughout Europe many Feisennna are held details can be found via this website: RCCEA-RTME

Latest results

Oireachtas Aix-en-Provence 2022 - Results

*** Under 8 Mixed Championship: Erin – 1st place
*** Under 10 Girls Championship: Olivia – 5th place and World Qualifier
*** Under 12 Girls Championship: Mollie – 1st place and World Qualifier
*** Under 12 Girls Championship: Olivia  – 2nd place and World Qualifier
*** Under 13 Girls Championship: Rosa – 2nd place and World Qualifier
*** Under 14 Girls Championship: Sorcha – 1st place and World Qualifier
*** Under 16 Girls Championship: Cliodhna – 2nd place and World Qualifier
*** Under 16 Girls Championship: Mary Rose  – 6th place
*** Under 17 Girls Championship: Mieka – 1st place and World Qualifier
*** Under 17 Girls Championship: Jessica – 2nd place and World Qualifier
*** Under 19 Ladies Championship: Mia – 4th place and World Qualifier
*** Senior Ladies Championship: Esther – 2nd place and World Qualifier
***Senior Mens Championship: Sandun – 2nd place and World Qualifier
***Senior Mens Championship: Nigel – 5th place and World Qualifier
*** Adult 25-35 Mixed Championship: Ineke – 1st place


Oireachtas Munich 2021 – Results

Sashes, trophies, medals and …

8 dancers qualified for the World’s 2022!!!

Here are only some of the results from our fabulous dancers. An absolutely amazing weekend in Munich, ran by the SweeneyMcAvinchey School. Dancing, music, laughs, and memories made!! We are so proud of our dancers and so thankful to all amazing parents for the encouragement they give!

*** Ineke – 4th Adult Championship
*** Esther – Senior Ladies Champion
*** Sandun – 3rd Senior Men Championship
*** Aoibhin – 5th Trad Set over 21
*** Jessica – 3rd U-16 Championship
*** Cliodhna – 4th U-15 Championship
*** Sorcha – U-13 Girls Champion
*** Rosa – 2nd U-12 Championship
*** Olivia – 2nd U-11 Championship
*** Caitlin – 3rd U-11 Championship
*** Olivia – 1st beginner jig U-9, 2nd Intermediate reel U-11
*** Mattea – 4th in Primary reel U-9
*** Erin – 1st beginner light jig U-7
*** Sophie – 2nd light shoe trophy reel U-7