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UIT Festival Den Haag 3rd September

On Sunday September 3rd the Cultural Season will open in The Hague with the UIT Festival.

We will be there at 16:30 at the Cultuuranker podium we hope to see you there

Performances, Upcoming Performances

Embassy Festival September 2nd 2017

On Saturday 2nd September you can join us a the Embassy Festival
Chairde – An Irish Dance Presentation
Brought to you by the Kilkenny School of Irish Dancing “Chairde” – Gaelic  for friendship to reflect the close bonds created among the dancers from a very young age to adulthood and from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds.
Kilkenny School of Irish Dance produces dancers who compete at World Championship level and currently holds 7 European titles. Come and have a look for yourself and you will be surprised by the intricacy of the footwork as well as the energy portrayed.
We hope to see you all there