Class clothing

When you start it is best to wear comfortable (sports) clothes, and shorts are recommended as it is important that the teachers can see your knees.

For your first class it is best to have a thick pair of socks. 

As you continue you can buy shoes, either second hand from one of the current dancers or online, Sean will advise on the type of shoes and where they can be bought, for example online via

A KSID class tracksuit is available, details on how to purchase will be given in class.

Kilkenny Tracksuits

For competitions, a beginner female dancer should have the school skirt which can be bought online from the Irish Dance Shop and a black leotard. Male beginners need a pair of smart trousers and a shirt.

Kilkenny beginners skirt, Boys Waistcoat, and a Solo dress

As a dancer progress, s/he can purchase the KSID School dress or school waistcoat, either second hand via the school or online via Elevation Design.

KSID Class Dress
KSID Class Dress

Open dancers need a solo costume, it is best to talk to Sean about the type and style of dress that is needed.