Interested in having us perform at your Event?

Our show group Kilkenny on Tap are always in high demand. If you would like to have our dancers come and perform at your event just fill out the contact form on this site.

We perform for many special events, such as parties, festivals, weddings, schools, old folks’ homes as well as corporate events.

Our performances range from showing off the upbeat and snappy hard shoe rhythms to the more graceful and mystic Irish soft shoe dances. For the more traditional show we provide our own music and emcee. Our kiddies are usually a show-stopper and will melt your heart while performing some of the more traditional reels and jigs. Combined with with some of more mature and advanced dancers who bring more precision and power… A performance you will enjoy for a while to come.

In 2012 we staged “The Gathering”, performed to sell out audience in Theatre de Regentes in The Hague. We would like to thank all our loyal supporters.

Our shows are often a good blend of tradition and modernity.